Who am IA question I try to answer from time to time and seems to change the moment I have it locked in. Right now, I am a wife, mother, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, and friend. I am both a mentor and a mentee, an advocate and advocatee, a coach, and one who benefits from incredible coaches. I enjoy speaking about issues of equality, accessing education, and ensuring women’s rights are recognized as human rights. I’m always up for a new endeavor: learning new things, seeing new places, or meeting new people.

After much inner turmoil, I completed my most recent endeavor: writing a book about my life, including experiences as a child lumberjack. Writing was the easy part. Learning to accept the reality of my story and begin the arduous journey of untangling my identity from that of my past, my faith, and my family is proving to be my most challenging endeavor yet. 

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