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About the book

“This is a hero’s journey with a twist; from a wild child working in danger every day, through a life-threatening accident, a trip to college, motherhood, and post-partum psychosis, to an accomplished educator, mother, and entrepreneur.

Threads of connection, reaching out, and questioning beliefs intertwine to bring cohesion to the narrative.

Going from eyes closed to eyes open to the base assumption of her life, Tressa loses her family but finds herself.”

-Katherine Cleland, Member, Zonta USA Caucus

Cover to the Upcoming book, Lumberjack Girl. A drawing of a girl in a dress holding a powerful chainsaw and walking through the woods with her hair covering her eyes.

Lumberjack Girl

Lumberjack Girl [To Be Published]: An unforgettable survive-to-thrive memoir about growing up doing a job 29 times more dangerous than the average job in America & fighting for resources to survive life-shattering logging injuries amid the declining logging industry.

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Cover Art By Mark Houston 

About The Author

I wrote LUMBERJACK GIRL to bring the impact of blind-eye culture to center stage.

My story starts when the Timber Wars, Endangered Species Act, and North American Free Trade Agreement caused half of all loggers to leave the industry.


But not us.


Instead, my twelve siblings and I—ages 3-14—replace grown men in the family logging business. We are shot at by protestors, go to bed hungry, and watch fellow loggers die. Still, we are resigned to our scanty living—in a tiny school bus on an isolated mountaintop—because it means we don’t take help.


When I suffer an egregious logging accident only to discover the lengths the family would go to rather than ask for help, the costs of our choice to continue—and the question of poverty as a structural problem or issue of personal responsibility—are brought to light. 


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Journey to Eyes Open

I began this journey when my blindfolds fell. It felt as if my world was falling apart. Then I was reminded that “to see demands responsibility,” so I began Speaking, Mentoring, and Teaching. As I spoke, I wrote, which became my memoir about my life as a child lumberjack. 

logan logging_edited.png
A picture of a family, mostly children, clutching powerful chainsaws and standing on a pile of logs.
A girl in a football uniform on one knee, kneeling by her helmet and clutching a football under her right arm.



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