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Ignoring Problems vs. Facing the Wasp

The other day, I found myself in my office surrounded by six attentive students seeking guidance on complex accounting concepts like pension worksheets and temporary tax differences. As we delved into the intricacies of the course material, a sudden distraction emerged—a large wasp buzzing around the room.


Initially, we all noticed the unwelcome visitor but opted to ignore it, hoping it would disappear on its own. I continued addressing my students' inquiries, focused on the task at hand. Then, unexpectedly, I felt a sharp sting on my side. The wasp had struck, and boy, did it hurt!


In that moment, the reflex to stay calm—often recommended when facing unexpected challenges—escaped me entirely. Instead, I let out a startled scream.


Still, I couldn't help but draw a parallel to how I often approach life's challenges. Like the wasp in the room, I encounter situations that make me uneasy or uncomfortable. It's tempting to turn a blind eye, hoping they'll disappear if left unaddressed.

Tressa Lacy with a blindfold covering one eye, pulling it down on the other eye.
Removing the Blindfolds

However, as my journey to eyes open and the unexpected encounter with the wasp demonstrated, ignoring problems doesn't make them vanish. Instead it makes them linger and sting us when we least expect it.


I have a newfound resolution to face the metaphorical wasps in my life with courage and intention so I can avoid unnecessary pain, move forward with greater clarity and resilience, and transform the uncomfortable into an opportunity for growth and empowerment.


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