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Her Book: (to be published) Lumberjack Girl: An unforgettable survive-to-thrive memoir about a girl who grew up doing a job 29 times more dangerous than the average job in America, fighting for resources to survive life-shattering logging injuries amid the declining logging industry.


Your group will be astonished, intrigued, and motivated.

Through Tressa's personal story of working as a child lumberjack and the accident that nearly took her life, she weaves themes of mentoring, support, education, and becoming a champion for change.



Lumberjack Girl

Tressa's personal story of growing up as child lumberjack and her journey to eyes wide open


Meaningful mentoring gave her courage to drop the blindfolds, gain an education, build a nonprofit, and become champoin for change


Stories weaving the role of educators in the journey to confidence & self-awareness.

Insights from coaxing students in Higher Ed to examine their blindfolds


Antidotes and insights: Effective use of mentorship in the workplace



This speaker is amazing! I'm grateful for her sharing her story!


It really opened my mind

to how mentoring can weave in and out of your life unrelated to just professional career growth.


Bringing real life experiences is encouraging to us. She was awesome!


Our interns loved hearing about how someone started their own non-profit organization. They were really drawn to the idea of being able to build up their communities!



Tressa Lacy Past Engagements


Zonta International’s Remarkable Women, Powerful Stories, Worldwide Series, March 2021 (International Audience)

Workshop, “Meaningful Mentoring for Zonta: A Remarkable Afghan Story,” Zonta International Convention, June 2022. (Hamburg, Germany)

Speaker: Keynote Address, “Mentoring Matters: Addressing Pipeline Challenges through Connection,” Rocky Mountain Area Conference, September 2022 (Denver, CO)

Practitioner Insights, “Poverty: A Structural Problem or an Issue of Personal Responsibility,” Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty, July 2022, (Lexington, VA) 

Lecturer, “Overcoming Trauma through Education & Mentorship,” Pacific Lutheran University Department of Marriage and Family Therapy, July 2022

Speaker, “Mentorship for Refugees with Undaunted Women” Microsoft GIVE Nonprofit Showcase, October 2022

Speaker: Keynote Address, “Making an impact through Meaningful Mentorship,” University of Washington Milgard School of Business Accounting Recognition Night, May 2022 (Tacoma, WA)

Workshop, “Mentorship vs. Coaching,” National Conference of College Women Student Leaders, American Association of University Women, May 2022 (Washington DC)

Speaker: Keynote Address, “Meaningful Mentorship for Afghan Evacuees,” American Association of American Association of University Women (AAUW), October 2022 (Bellevue, WA)

Speaker: Keynote Address, “Grantee Spotlight,” American Association of University Women Lake Washington, September 2021 (Lake Washington, WA)

Workshop, “The Afghanistan Crisis: How Undaunted Women, is Supporting Afghan Refugees,” Zonta for Women District 8 Conference, October 2019 & 2021 (Olympia, WA; Blackfoot, ID)

Workshop, “Mentorship Matters: Three Crucial Factors to Success,” Brigham Young University-Idaho, All Employee Conference, February 2022 (Rexburg, ID)

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