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Achieving Goals in The New Year through Vision Boards and The Power of Collective Support

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at an event where we delved into the resources that drive positive change and help us achieve our goals in the new year. During my talk, I shared one of my favorite personal resources – vision boards. For years, I've been crafting this visual representation of my aspirations, regularly acknowledging my gratitude for the depicted achievements as if they've already become a reality. The profound impact of this practice on my life has been nothing short of magical.


At this event, an added layer really resonated with me. An attendee told of an annual tradition where she and her friends—armed with poster boards, magazines, and laptops— craft their dreams visually. They cap off the evening with a thoughtful discussion on a chosen goal and share how they can support each other in reaching it. Inspired by this powerful collective practice, I decided to host my own vision board party.


Picture it: a room filled with laughter, friends, and the creative chaos of scrapbooking this year's vision onto poster boards. As we meticulously placed images, we reflected on the small steps we aim to take in the coming years and envisioned where we see ourselves heading. What excites me most about this year is the fact that I’m embarking on this journey with the support of friends. There's an undeniable power when women unite to uplift and encourage one another.


I warmly invite you to share in this empowering experience. Here's to Achieving Goals in The New Year through Vision Boards and The Power of Collective Support. Let us know how we can support you on your journey toward your goals this year! 


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