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Let's Talk About AI

Years ago, I heard about a woman who received one of the first microwave ovens. It was a massive contraption that occupied half of her kitchen counter. Despite its potential to revolutionize her cooking, she only used it for melting butter, missing out on its vast capabilities.

My reflection on this story was prompted while listening to Ryan Hunter, a versatile technologist and AI engineer. Ryan discussed how writers employ AI for plot generation, character emulation, and editing. Some even use AI to scan individuals and place them in movie scenes, bypassing the need for on-set filming (or compensation).

Ryan's insights on AI and the metaphor of the woman and her microwave ignited my curiosity. I wanted to explore, experiment, and discover how AI could enrich my life while being mindful of its setbacks and advocating to overcome its ethical dilemmas. I didn't want to be in a position where I might unknowingly benefit or be adversely affected by AI without actively engaging with it. After all, when last did I worry so much about burns, uneven heating, or radiation leakage that I refused to use or improve my microwave?

In a few months, I'm presenting to business students about AI. I'd love to get your take on it.

  1. Are there areas in your life where you may be underutilizing or not fully embracing the potential of AI? Why or why not?

  2. How do you balance the potential benefits of AI with the ethical concerns it raises, especially in areas like privacy, fraud, and bias?

  3. In what ways do you think AI can enhance creative fields, and where do you see potential pitfalls in relying too heavily on AI for creative tasks?

  4. In your opinion, what are the most pressing ethical dilemmas posed by AI, and how can individuals and communities work toward addressing these concerns?

  5. Drawing parallels between concerns about microwave safety in the past and current AI apprehensions, what is our role in shaping the responsible development and use of AI technologies?

  6. Have you encountered situations where AI has positively or negatively impacted your life? How? How have these experiences shaped your perspective on its role in society?

Here's to a future where AI is not merely a passive presence on our counter but an ethical, active, and invaluable partner in our creative and everyday endeavors.


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